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filmmaking Staff

From A-Z, All the staff you need for your filmmaking.

Ushering Staff

We provide you with full ushering staff, for all kind of events, Guest Registration,Ticket Taker,Greeter,Wristband Issuer.

Promotion Staff

For all promotion campaigns,Distribution promotional material (flyer, brochures, product samples), interfaces with clients and the general public.


Dicated to deliver and connect Castfy's models with production fittings, showroom, trade show, print, runway and commercial talent assignments.

Intelligent Profiles

With users photos, short videos, ratings, and more than 12 filters to get you the perfect results, excluding the interview phase.

Workforce Auto Confirmation

With our full automated communication services, with both companies and users, we’ll save you time and effort.

List service

One time usage, send us your order of the staff you need, and we’ll send you a full functioned list to choose from.

Portal service

Subscription usage, we offer you a full access to our database functions and tools to use, based on your subscription bundle.